50th Season Anniversary CD

To help commemorate the 50th Season of the Steiner Chorale the Steiner Chorale has compiled a collection of recordings from many of our 50 years of performing great choral music to the greater Lansing area.  It is entitled, “50 Years of Jubilant Song”.  This CD is not intended to be a selection representing “best of” performances of the chorale. Rather, these contents reflect an amalgam of performances of varying quality and varied recording mediums that we’ve selected as representative of our years of making music. Selections also capture our wide range of literature, although a single CD is insufficient to do that thoroughly (jazz and pop selections have been left out). Additionally, we’ve tried to reflect some particular key events, as well as performances of pieces by 20th and 21st century composers including local composers, and nationally known composers. We regret that we were unable to locate and copy good reproductions of some earlier performances recorded on tape which has rendered us unable to include selections conducted by David Lantz who was a key part of the revival of the Chorale. A special track to note on this CD is an excerpt from Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms conducted by our founder, William Steiner.

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Production Credits
Leo Sell – producer
Ryan Esch – layout